On August 29th 1998, We had it all!
From Bayonne - 10th place
The last Saturday in August was sunny and hot with no sign of hurricane Bonnie.... a perfect day to size up the tomato that's been hanging around the garden all summer!
From around the State, people picked, plucked and "dragged" that oversized fruit to a local Weigh-In Station. This was the moment of truth... "Eyeballing" and "Guestimating" the tomato's weight was going to be replaced by an "accurate" weight on the ShopRite scale!
The Art of Cooking from Chef David
So this perfect Saturday morning had activity in all 21 Counties of New Jersey to see who would be the area representative and Finalist for the afternoon festivities at the Seaview Square Mall near the Jersey Shore.
5th place Winner
That afternoon, at approximately  5:00 pm, 33 Finalists vied for prizes awarded for the Heaviest Tomato in 1998 along with the 5th, 10th, 15th and 21st biggest entry!
But before the finals, everyone had a real treat from Chef David Martone of Classic Thyme Cooking School and his on-site preparation of food for the audience to enjoy!
21st Heaviest Tomato in Harrison
From Hamilton Square, 15th Place
1998 Title Holder - 4.95 Lbs.
Everyone enjoyed  the day.  George's tomato was second heaviest for the 21 years of this summer classic. Even the green color of the 4.95 pounder kind of cooled things off on a hot Saturday in late August! 
The Fan
During this week, all the pics of the entrants will be posted!
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