Porous Pipe for Drainage
Watering and Feeding.
Below are the materials for a 10' long Tomato Garden. You can complement your garden by planting your favorite herbs surrounding the perimeter. 

Basic Materials:

* Ten feet of plastic drainage pipe
* A Cap and an Elbow for the pipe
* 5 Eight Feet High 2x2 non treated Stakes
* Coated Wire to attach to the Stakes
* Organic Soil, Perlite and Peat Moss
* Marigolds
* 6-9 Tomato plants

Tomato Stakes with Coated Wire 

The Tomato Bed...

A well thought out garden, will protect you from all kinds of potential hazards. A garden with excellent drainage will give you optimal results even if during the growing season you experience too much rain or drought conditions. 

Your drainage system, insures you that the roots get the proper amount of water at all times; plus, it provides an excellent way to feed your plants. Constant moisture, with the excess water draining off, will prevent the number one problem for tomatoes - Blossom End Rot. Wet and Dry periods for growing tomatoes creates diseases that can be easily avoided.

The materials in the picture below can be purchased at your local hardware store and used for many years.

Basic Supplies for a 10' Garden

Basic Planting Procedures

1. Select an area that gets full sun.
2. Mix organic humus with your soil.
3. Make sure you have excellent drainage so the root system will not rest in water.
4. Before inserting the plant in the hole, take the heads from a pack of matches and throw them in the hole along with eggshells.
5. Try to make your soil porous by mixing Perlite, Peat Moss and Organic Humus. Making your soil porous improves drainage and root growth; thus, creating a healthier plant that will produce a bigger and better tomato yield. 
6. Also take a tablespoon of Epsom salts and sprinkle around the hole. The above steps will help prevent blossom end rot, a common problem with tomatoes.
7. Bury the plant at least 50% of the plant’s height.
8. Each plant should be spaced 18” to 24” apart.
9. Stake your plants with a sturdy, non pressure treated, 6’ high stake. Your plants will grow a minimum of 6-7 feet. Remember you can prune tomato plants.