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The last several years, we have mailed over three thousand packets of free seeds from the Champs of NJ tomatoes. These Champs of NJ tomatoes are organically grown and we select only those seeds from larger tomatoes for next year's seeds! Curruently there is a good  supply of seeds for 2004, ready for mailing!  Right now we can fill all the S.A.S.E. requests.   These seeds are rare and select...
Please note that since we do not have a major sponsor, there is a shipping and handling charge of one dollar ( $1.00 ) to be included with your Self Addressed Stamped Envelope S.A.S.E. for the these great Champs of NJ seeds. We will E-mail you on the seeds status if we can not immediately fill the order.
All seeds will be mailed out after receiving your S.A.S.E....  Hey they make a great, unique present! Remember, all mailed seed requests must have a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope S.A.S.E., plus one dollar ( $1.00 ) to be sent to:
New Jersey Championship Tomato Weigh-In
Box 123, Monmouth Beach, NJ 07750
Thank you :)
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